15. the Amana Hotel, Kitchen

The frame portion of this building was constructed around 1860 to provide rooms for businessmen and visitors to the mills. The kitchen provided meals for hired hands, separating them from members of the community. 

The building’s brick portion, added, in 1884 shows many features of Amana Buildings, including scrolled anchors, which hold steel tie rods. The rods run horizontally through the building to help prevent the brick walls from bulging. This building was home to the Colony Inn restaurant from many years. It was the first family style restaurants that the Amana Colonies have become famous for. Today it is home to Millstream Brau Haus and features Millstream beer, Iowa’s oldest microbrewery. The beer is brewed just around the corner.

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Direction to the Next Stop: Walk east on 47th Ave to the corner of 48th Ave. Across the street is the Amana Woolen Mill